CBD Token Marketplace Opens

CBD Token Marketplace Opens

The CBD Token Marketplace is now open for both vendor and buyer registration.

When you sign up you'll be assigned a wallet and a private key. Be sure to save your private key in a safe place. The wallet you're assigned at registration will be used to make purchases with your account. We will send .01 TRX to activate your wallet. If you need CBD Tokens visit our CBD Token Dashboard to purchase them directly from us. All orders are processed manually so allow some time for processing. Please do not sign up for more than one account per user. Both vendors and buyers signup through the same registration process.

We have set up two test products for buyers and vendors to test our platform. Each test product costs 25 CBD and uses real tokens to complete the transaction. IMPORTANT: we will not return CBD from test orders. If you would like to be a vendor and receive payments on our site be sure to register a paymen wallet in your preferrered crypto-currency. We currently send vendor payments in TRX, XRP, and LTC. Buyers can purchase CBD Tokens through our dashboard for TRX, XRP (and when token value permits LTC). Curently we do not accept BTC or LTC for token purchases.

CBD Tokens are sold through our dashboard on a limited basis. We reserve the right to change token prices and product prices after CBD becomes listed on an exchange. Vendors do NOT have to exchange CBD for TRX or other crypto-currencies, we do this for you and pay you the USDT equivelant of your purchase orders at the time of payment. Rates will be calculated via the Binance API at the time of payment.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the future of health in cannabis and crypto!