How Vendors Are Paid

Becoming a Vendor and selling products on the CBD Token marketplace is easy...

We accept payments in our own CBD Tokens and pay vendors in their choice of: Litecoin, XRP, or TRON.

Vendors may request payment after reaching an equivelant of $50 USD in sales.

When you request payment we will send you the USDT equivelant of your earnings in your preferred crypto. This means as a vendor your earnings are completely independent of the fluctuations in CBD Token price, and the fluctations of your own crypto. We will pay you the current USD equivelant of your preferred cryptocurrency based on the published rate at the time of payment.

Setting prices is just as simple. You set the price you'd like to receive for each item in USD, add any relevant shipping costs, and we will display the correct price in tokens to buyers based on the market rate of CBD. The USD price you set for your item will be the amount you receive in your preferred cryptocurrency at the time of payment (less a 5% vendor fee which we charge to cover the transactional and operational costs of our marketplace).


1. You list a 1000ml Bottle of CBD Oil for $100.

2. A buyer purchases your item and sends the equivelant value in CBD Tokens.

3. You submit your tracking information and ship the item off to the buyer.

4. The buyer receives your item and marks the shipment as received. 

5. You request payment and we send you $95 worth of Litecoin, XRP, or TRON ($100 minus the 5% fee).

Rates are based on the published Binance USDT rates which can be found from their live API.




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