Terms & Conditions

By using the CBD Token Marketplace you agree to the conditions set forth in our terms. We reserve the right to remove any member or vendor who does not abide by the rules governed in our terms and conditions. Under no circumstances is CBD Token liable for the misjudgement or intentional misuse of our website, the CBD Token Marketplace, or CBD Token by individuals who do not respect the rules and laws pertaining to the sale of CBD products and or crypto-currencies by various jurisdictions. We manually approve every listing to ensure that no vendor will sell products that violate our terms by containing more than 0.3% THC. Vendors must ship products and provide proper tracking to receive payment for shipments.

CBD Token acts as the middleman of all transactions on the CBD Token Marketplace. We will hold funds in escrow until the buyer has approved shipment. Once a shipment has been approved and proper tracking provided we will release funds to the vendor in payment via XRP, LTC (Litecoin), or TRX (TRON). Vendors can request payment through their account dashboard after all requirements have been met with a minimum withdrawal amount of $50 USD. We will calculate payment amounts automatically based on the current market rate in USDT published by the Binance API. Ex: https://api.binance.com/api/v1/ticker/price?symbol=LTCUSDT

It is up to the vendor to research shipping laws and crypto-currency laws for their products before shipping. While we offer a more relaxed service than payment processors who ban the sale of CBD, we are not enfocing and rules or restrictions beyond the laws where CBD Token and the CBD Marketplace operate. It is up to buyers to ensure they abide by appropriate laws in their locality including restrictions by customs. It is up to vendors to ensure that the products they sell are legal to distribute. Ultimately the CBD Token and the CBD Token Marketplace hold no responsibility for the products, vendors, or buyers who operate on our website.

It is up to buyers to do their own research and due diligence which is why offer the ability to review vendors and products on our website. All sales on the CBD Token Marketplace are final and must be transacted in CBD Tokens. Sales offsite or through other services such as PayPal are strictly prohibited. Vendors who violate our policy by selling products via other websites or via email will be removed from our platform.

Vendors may list their own website on their profile and are free to handle correspondance via their email if they choose to display it. This agreement is in no way a guarantee and all services and products on this website are offered without warranty. There are no chargebacks with crypto-currency which protects vendors from buyer fraud while putting buyers at a higher risk for seller fraud. It is up to the buyer to check reviews and do research before purchasing.

CBD Token is a TRC10 token on the TRON blockchain: https://tronscan.org/#/token/1000686/

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