Where to Buy CBD Tokens

CBD - TRON Token ID #1000686 is a TRON TRC10 Token.

You can purchase CBD Tokens through our token dashboard:

Click Here to Purchase CBD Token with popular cryptocurrencies.

* Due to fluctations in crypto-currency pricing CBD Tokens are non-refundable.

How to store CBD Tokens

CBD Tokens can be stored in any TRON Token compatible wallet.

We recommend TRON Wallet: https://www.tronwallet.me/

Sending CBD Tokens to your CBD Token Market account.

Be sure you have your private key before sending tokens to your CBD Token Market wallet!

You will not be able to recover funds if you don't have access to your Private Key.

We do not store your private key on our website or in our database for security purposes.

Login to your wallet on tronscan.org to ensure you have access with your private key. Make sure your wallet address in tronscan.org matches the one on your CBD Token Marketplace profile. After you have confirmed the wallet address on your profile page matches the one that you've successfully logged into on tronscan.org you may send your CBD Tokens to your wallet.  You will be asked to provide your private key in order to send funds and complete the checkout process. Store your private key in a secure location that only you know about and don't share your private key with anyone.

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